We’ve swaggered into 2019 with a new look and feel. Following a re-launch coupled with a new service offering, The Stellar Effect has never shone brighter.

So what do we do, how do we do it and who are we?

Our delight is in story-telling and helping brands discover their stories. We then translate these into excellent audio and visual content through story-telling workshops, podcast production and film.

Yes we said podcasts - we’ve somehow managed to launch the first podcast production house in South Africa in amongst all of this. What a roller coaster it’s been and the ride is just getting more exciting and challenging as we go.

The Stellar Effect is the brain (and heart child) of my business partner, Jason Skippers, and me. We co-founded The Stellar Effect in 2017 and our brand started out life as a music production house.

I write music and Jason is a producer, so it seemed a natural progression to go in to music production. It was not long till we started exploring a wide range of options. My top strength is ideation… so not coming up with new ideas is a challenge for me! The music production market was a little swamped and it felt like we were getting nowhere. We also realized that it was the story-telling part of the music production that we were passionate about, and so began a journey of discovering the different ways that we could do this.

At the beginning of 2018 we pulled back from actively pursuing music production as a business and entered an intense business development phase. We got ourselves a business coach (seriously, get one if you’re starting a business…it’s worth every single cent) and started developing Stellar to where it is today.

In some ways you could say that we stumbled in to audio branding, but looking back on the journey I can see the golden threads of story, people, audio and visuals weaving through both of our lives, and how this is a beautiful combination of so many different dreams and skills sets that Jason and I have.

How did we manage to launch the first podcast production house is SA? Perhaps you’re thinking that we’d been avid podcast listeners our whole lives and that was how this happened. Nope. That’s not how it happened. Then how? Well, sometimes you just have a divinely inspired moment and ideas pop out of that. No jokes. Audio branding is a new and exciting space to explore. This isn’t our only service offering but it’s one that excites us greatly because of the potential and magic of sound and story.

So, how to launch something that has never been done before? You just start and see what happens from there. It’s important to know your gaps and do something about those, but honestly you’re never going to know everything there is to know and it’s best just to get in the arena.

Brene Brown has a great TED Talk that she did for creatives at the 99u Conference in New York. Brown talks about stepping into the arena and how critics are not the people you should be listening to when you’re being brave and doing new things. To be challenged and inspired, watch it here.

Some of you have been following our journey since the beginning of 2017 and some of you may be new. If you’ve been following our journey - thank you, we really appreciate the support. If you’re new - welcome, we’re so glad you’re here!

Chat soon,